The post COVID retail environment


The post-COVID lockdown retail market is significantly different from the pre-pandemic era. The pandemic has reshaped the way people shop and the way retailers operate their businesses. Here are some of the major changes:

  • Increase in E-commerce: 
  • Emphasis on Safety: 
  • Changing Consumer Behaviour: 
  • Rise of Contactless Payments: 
  • Shift to Local Shopping: 


Key concepts covered include:


    Online Presence

    • Utilising social media
    • Building your brand via online presence
    • Tell your story


    Customer Service

    • What do you offer?
    • Do you include value adds?
    • What relationships are you building?
    • Are your customers your advocate?
    • What’s your common ground with your customers?
    • Service over sales.


    Understanding our customers

    • Are you adapting to what your customers want?
    • Who are your customers?
    • Millennials and Baby Boomers


    What is your product or service?

    • What is your brand?
    • Are you KIS? (Keeping it simple) eg packaging it up, eliminating decisions from consumer
    • Do you incorporate an experience? If not, why not!!


    Sustainability and Wellness

    • A must in this retail environment
    • Composting, no bags,


    Local Shopping

    • The message during COVID was loud and clear. How does this now continue
    • Experiences and wanting to stay
    • Collaboration between other businesses in your strip


    What about my own business?

    • Employees? Staff issues? 
    • Business Hours – examine the traditional 9 – 5
    • Moving to remote
    • Work-Life Balance. Work smarter, not harder